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Weekly Update for the Week of 3/27/23

Weekly Newsletter: Family Devotion Material for the Week of 3/27/23

Theme: Jesus Enters Jerusalem

Bible Verse :“How good it is to sing praises to our God.” Psalm 147:1

Read the Bible: Matthew 21:1-11,15-16; Mark 11:1-10. Read the story on pages 409-414 in God’s Story for Me Bible Storybook.


Crowds of people, Jesus, Jesus’ friends, Temple leaders


When Jesus came to Jerusalem, people praised Him and laid palm branches and coats on the ground in front of Him

When & Where?

About A.D. 30, at the beginning of the week during which Jesus died on the cross, in Jerusalem


To provide opportunities for children to experience praise to God


1. Tell ways that people praised Jesus

2. Name reasons to be thankful for Jesus

3. Thank God for Jesus in song and/or prayer

As you prepare to tell this story to the children in your class, consider the ways you

praise Jesus. How will you help children love and praise Him, too?

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, people welcomed Him, quoting Psalm 118:25-26 and waving branches. Some people expected to make Him their king. Others looked for a way to kill Him. Even those who welcomed Jesus didn’t understand that He had come to create a deeper freedom than they had expected. His death and resurrection brought far more than rest from political oppression-He brought real and permanent freedom! Because we have experienced that freedom, we know that Jesus is worthy of genuine praise—always!

• In what situations do you find it difficult to praise Jesus?

• Talk to God honestly about the fears and worries in your life.

Even if your life today seems as precarious as Jesus’ was at this point, praise Him! Praise overcomes the darkness of fear and helps us see our life from God’s perspective. Know that He hears and receives your praise, standing ready to amaze you and help you in the middle of whatever worries come. Let your little ones hear your praise of God!

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