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The goal of HUG Preschool is 

to provide a safe, loving, and stimulating environment.

We focus on preparing the students for the next stage of 

learning emphasizing on developing them physically,

cognitively, emotionally, socially, and spirtually.

Children working on small group activity.

Our Program

Creative, Stimulating, & Meaningful


Our focus is to create a holistic learning environment where students will be confident and curious in their learning. We believe that each child has their own way of learning and co-construct opportunities that are intentional and meaningful. We focus on creating developmentally appropriate experiences in these developmental domains:

  • Physical - Develops gross and fine motor skills

  • Social-Emotional - Fosters interpersonal skills and problem solving with other people

  • Cognitive - Art, Engineering, Math, Reading, and Science

  • Spiritual - Teaches lessons of faith, hope, and love through stories, play, music and prayer.


We invite children to express themselves through different mediums of art. Here, children utilize and build their fine motor skills to create something they find to be meaningful.


Children are challenged to look at every day problems and come up with their own solutions. Whether it is through constructing something to get a ball that went over the fence or collaborating together to build a house for a lovey. We're all for it!


Math concepts are found everywhere! Whether counting how many friends are at school today, noticing there are fewer cars in the street, or creating a mosaic with some shapes, we believe in providing stimulating opportunities for children to see math in their day to day experience.

Language and Literacy

Throughout the year, we get to know each letter weekly. We engage in opportunities for conversations that help children learn sentence structure and grow their vocabulary naturally.


Observe, investigate, and question! We want children to develop their own hypothesis around what is happening around them. By researching together, children engage their curiosities to learn. 

Example Devotion Schedule

We share stories of faith, hope, and love from the Bible to remind our children's what God has done for us.

Jan 2024 Devotion Schedule .png




Example AM/PM Snack Menu

Serving healthy and nutritious snacks daily!

Beige Minimalist 2024 Monthly Planner.png
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