The goal of HUG Preschool is 

to provide a safe, loving, and stimulating environment.

We focus on preparing the students for the next stage of 

learning emphasizing on developing them physically,

intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spirtually.

About Program

Fun & Creative


Our focus is to create a learning environment where students will be able to integrate life learning skills into their daily lives. Our school is designed to allow each child to have stimulating experiences that are meaningful in the following areas:

  • Physical - Develops gross and fine motor skills

  • Social-emotional - Fosters interpersonal skills and problem solving with other people

  • Spiritual - Teaches foundational truths about who God is through Bible stories, drama, music and prayer

  • Cognitive/Intellectual (STREAM) - Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Math


Stimulates questions, answers, and experimentation


Promotes active learning through interactive media

ABC Cubes


Develops emergent literacy skills, recognition of printed language and exposure to other languages through daily activities

Abacus Icon


Encourages recognition of problems and testing for solutions

More about STREAM:

Pencils Icon


Advances creativity and allows children to illustrate abstract concepts and ideas


Teaches sorting, numeration, and classification to provide the concept of number

AM/PM Snack Menu

We serve healthy and nutritious snacks daily and change up the menu every month!

Snack Menu - August 2022 PNG.png

Meal Prayers

Prayers we use before we eat.

Johnny Appleseed Prayer.png
Thank you prayer.png
Super Hero Meal Prayer picture.png