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You Have Questions, HUG Has Answers

  • What is the enrollment process?
    1) Schedule your school tour by phone at 415-664-4500 or email us at 2) The application will be sent to your email after the tour. Submit the application and first part of licensing forms with the $50 non-refundable application fee. 3) Determine play date day. Submit remaining licensing forms alongside the $150 non-refundable processing and play date fee. 4) Bring your child to HUG for a half day of learning and fun! Meet with the director at 12 PM to discuss observations. 5) If we find HUG to be a good fit, choose a first day, sign the handbook/tuition/enrollment agreements, set up your Brightwheel account, and send in your deposit*. 6) We'll see you at HUG! *Deposits are half of one month's tuition. Deposits are refundable upon 30-days notice of withdrawal from the program.
  • What age can children start HUG?
    Children can start at our school at 2.5 years old. Our school is licensed for children ages 2.5 to 5.
  • What is your teacher to student ratio?
    Our goal is to keep the ratio 1:8 for all classes. Our 3-4 and 4-5 class may go up to 1:10, depending on enrollment.
  • Does my child need to be potty-trained to be enrolled at HUG?
    Yes. Children need to be fully potty-trained at the time of enrollment. HUG defines being "potty-trained" as a child's ability to know when they need to use the bathroom, is comfortable using the bathroom (with or without support), and how to use the bathroom (pulling down articles of clothing, sitting/standing on toilet, wiping clean).
  • What is the minimum number of days a week I need to enroll my child?
    Minimum of 2 days per week. We recommend at least 3 days and then extend by an extra day during the last year before elementary school. We also recommend consecutive days, as this allows the child to follow along and not miss out on any continuous curriculum activities.
  • Can I secure a January start for my child before October?
    Yes. Parents are welcome to secure their child’s place for January start any time of the year by paying the registration fee.
  • How can families participate in HUG?
    We offer various parent engagement opportunities such as the HUG Family Council, HUG Family seminars, and information shared regularly through a newsletters.
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