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Weekly Update for the Week of 2/5/2023

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Weekly Newsletter: Family Devotion Material for the Week of 2/6/23

Theme: Good News: Jesus Loves Me

Bible Verse: “I will be glad and rejoice in your love.” Psalm 31:7

Read the Bible the book of Matthew 6:5-13; Mark 1:35-37; Luke 11:1-4

Read the story on pages 374-378 in God’s Story for Me Bible Storybook.


Jesus, crowds of people, Jesus’ friends


Jesus taught His friends how to pray

(Matthew 6:5-13; Mark 1:35-37; Luke


When & Where?

During the time of Jesus’ ministry, in

and around the city of Capernaum


To help children talk to God and tell him

that they love Him

What new insights can you gain about your own prayer life as you read Jesus’ familiar prayer again? What can you do to help your child begin to pray themselves?

Do you think Jesus’ disciples must have been puzzled when Jesus rose early in the morning or stayed away all night to pray?

What could cause someone to miss so much sleep? Yet they began to see how Jesus’ time alone with His Father created an amazing, powerful bond that empowered His work! They realized that time with God was the source of power they needed too. And Jesus taught them that they could pray directly to their loving Father in heaven for the simplest needs—daily food, forgiveness, help. This new kind of prayer expressed the power of a living relationship with God!

• How do you benefit from time spent alone with the Father? Make a list!

• What makes it hard for you to carve out time to pray?

As Jesus laid out this model of prayer for His followers, we need also to lay it out for our children. It is profound yet simple. Our children need to learn that God gives all they need. And He’s waiting to hear from them!

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