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Weekly Update for the Week of 4/3/2023

Weekly Newsletter: Family Devotion Material for the Week of 4/3/2023

Theme: The Empty Tomb

Bible Verse: “Jesus is risen from the dead.” Matthew 28:7

Read the Bible: Matthew 28:1-10; Luke 22:2; 23:33—24:9; John 19:38-42. Read the story on pages 409-414 in God’s Story for Me Bible Storybook.


Jesus, religious leaders, Jesus’ friends, two angels


After Jesus let people kill Him, He becamealive again

When & Where?

About a.d. 30, in Jerusalem


To help children recognize that Easter is a special day to celebrate and be glad that

Jesus is alive

Goals for each child:

1. Tell that Jesus’ friends were joyful when they learned that Jesus is alive

2. Identify ways that people today show joy that Jesus is alive

3. Thank God that Jesus is alive

How has history’s most important event made a difference in your life? What new change can it bring to your life this week? It looked as if death had triumphed; but while Jesus’ disciples cowered in fear, Jesus was bursting through the gates of hell “with laughter,” as Keith Green described it in his song “The Victor”—putting to death the power of death! Jesus’ resurrection is the pinnacle of history: in it, Satan was dealt the deathblow that would eventually finish him off. Jesus did exactly what He had said He would do, what the prophets predicted He would do, completing the task His Father had given Him to do!

• What is the most meaningful way you’ll celebrate Jesus’ resurrection?

• How can you communicate your joy to the children you teach?

Because most young children have not yet had firsthand experience with death, they may not comprehend what Jesus’ death and resurrection are about. But let them share the joy and wonder that Jesus’ victory has wrought in you! They’ll respond gladly to the good news that “Jesus is alive!”

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